Exclusive: Married At First Sight’S Tori Adams Reveals If She Has Sex With Husband Jack Dunkley On The Show – After He Admitted He Wasn’T Attracted To Her


Married At First Sight’s Tori Adams and her TV husband Jack Dunkley have taken their marriage to the next level after he previously claimed he did not find her attractive.

In a candid interview with Daily Mail Australia, Tori, 27, confirmed the couple have had had sex.

‘Yes, we do consummate the marriage on the show,’ she said.

She insisted the pressure from the rest of the cast was not behind their decision to finally do the deed.

‘I’m pretty sure they (the cast) were all like, nah. And I actually think Timothy [Smith] turns around and he says ‘bullsh*t’,’ Tori said.

‘You’re damned if you do, you’re damned if you don’t.

‘It was our decision alone and it was absolutely worth the wait. We were never going to do anything because we felt the pressure of the group.’

She emphasised that the couple navigated the experiment on their own terms and timeline.

‘So you know when it did finally happen it was a moment that we shared because we wanted to share it and we felt like it was the right time,’ she added.


Sharing such personal moments with the group didn’t have the intended effect, as Tori said there is still continued interest in their private life.

‘We’re gonna tell them and they are going to just drop it. So I guess yeah, the thinking it would shut them up,’ she explained.

‘It absolutely didn’t. They just kept going. I’ve never had a group of people so interested in my sex life.’

Tori also addressed her portrayal on the show, and what she thought about everyone thinking she is a ‘bunny boiler.’

Despite the aggressive ‘horny’ edit, she remains unfazed.

‘It makes me look like a bit of a bunny boiler, which, whatever people are gonna have their say. It’s a bit aggressive, but look, it is what it is,’ she said.