Married At First Sight’S Same-Sex Marriage Almost Derailed For A Second Time After ‘Replacement Groom’ Almost Did Runner : ‘He Didn’T Sign Up To Be A Last-Minute Husband’


It’s been a roller coaster ride for Married At First Sight producers trying to get a same-sex couple to the altar.

Michael Felix and Stephen Stewart are set to say ‘I do’ on Monday night in what is meant to be a big moment for the series.

However sources tell Daily Mail Australia behind-the-scenes drama has threatened to overshadow their special day.

Perth hairdresser Stephen, 26, and Michael, 34, have found themselves at the centre of a narrative that’s less fairytale.

The experiment took an unexpected turn when Michael’s first partner Simon made a sudden exit from the show and Stephen was quickly brought in to fill the void.

This last-minute change has cast doubt on the authenticity of their connection, with Stephen reportedly feeling like an afterthought for the show’s diversity agenda.

‘The entire situation has been a strain on Stephen. He didn’t anticipate becoming part of the show under such rushed and uncertain circumstances,’ a source told Daily Mail Australia.

‘Stephen felt like the producers completely overlooked his preferences and just paired him with Michael as a convenient solution.

‘Stephen was struggling with being thrown into the deep end. He didn’t sign up to be a last minute groom.’

As the show’s producers pushed for a storyline that would break new ground, they may have pushed Stephen to his limits.


‘It’s one thing to be part of a groundbreaking moment on television, but it’s another to feel like you’re just a pawn in a larger game,’ the friend said.

‘Runaway groom’ Simon breaks his silence
Despite filming his backstories and attending the bucks’ party, Michael’s first groom Simon almost ‘derailed’ the series after getting cold feet and fleeing the country.

Breaking his silence in October, Simon told Daily Mail Australia: ‘MAFS wasn’t what I thought I wanted at this point in my life, that’s all.’

Expressing his remorse, he added, ‘I just felt bad for whoever they set me up with. I did initially leave, but they managed to coax me back… I gotta look out for myself.’

At the time, one production insider explained: ‘It’s complete and utter chaos! Simon leaving was a blindside.

‘Everyone’s been running around like headless chickens trying to salvage the situation.’

In a last-ditch effort to save his storyline, producers paired Simon’s intended ‘husband’ Michael with Stephen and introduced the couple as mid-season intruders.