Love Island Feud Breaks Out As Arabella And Adam Take Swipe At Co-Stars After Brutal Double Dumping


ARABELLA Chi and Adam Maxted were fuming with their co-stars after they were brutally dumped.

The couple was booted out of the villa in a shock elimination, where their relationship was picked apart.

The islanders were stunned to see ex-stars return to the set to choose a couple to send home.

There was just one vote between Arabella and Adam and Georgia Harrison and Anton Danyluk – but it was Joe Garratt’s choice that was the nail in the coffin.

Arabella was clearly furious after the votes started stacking up.

She told the former islanders that even though Adam had only been in the villa one week, it felt like she’d known him forever.

But that wasn’t enough, and they were sent packing.

After shedding a few tears and saying their goodbyes, Arabella turned to Adam and said: “I’m alright actually, I’m glad I got you.”

In their exit interview with Maya Jama, Arabella and Adam shared what they really thought about their co-stars.

“I didn’t expect that, I’m not gonna lie. it was quite a savage dumping. I feel like a lot of their reasons were cop-outs,” she told Maya.

She appeared to be most disappointed with Hannah Elizabeth and Joanna Chimonides.

“Hannah and Joanna were making out that I shouldn’t have been on that board, but because of the fact that Adam is new, that was kind of their base of the reason for putting us on the board,” she said.

“Which I’m thinking, ‘hang on a minute, I was your friend. surely you should be happy that I’ve found Adam’,” she fumed.

“It just didn’t really make sense, what they were saying was just contradicting each other. It was a strange excuse.”

“I seems that we’ve been judged on the time we’ve had, rather than our connection,” wrestler Adam agreed.

When they were quizzed about other couples in the villa, they homed in on Anton and Georgia H.

“Anton and G, both incredible individuals, I just question their romantic side,” Adam continued.

“In a week I think we’ve had more of a romantic connection than them,” he added.

Arabella agreed, and said: “If we’d been in there for longer, our connection would have grown even more.”

“Honestly, I’ve never laughed so much,” she said when speaking about Adam.


The pair spoke about their plans now they are out of the competition.

“We just need to spend time together on the outside and keep growing and getting to know each other and going at a good pace,” Adam said.

He joked that she might get the ‘ick’ if she ever goes to watch him wrestle.

As The Sun revealed, it was the first time in the show’s history that all the former Islanders returned.

Tempers rose when returning Islander Luis Morrison voted for Molly Smith and Tom Clare.

He accused their relationship of being “one-sided” – insinuating there was unfinished business between Molly and her ex Callum Jones.

Speaking to The Sun after being axed from the villa, model Arabella, 32, says she found an “instant connection” following a tough start.

Arabella told The Sun: “At times I thought in the villa, how am I being as unlucky in love in here as outside?

“But when Adam walked through the door finally my luck changed.

“I am now lucky in love!”

Arabella, who last year also partied with Leonardo DiCaprio, just missed out on the show’s grand finale tomorrow night.

She added: “Of course I am sad not to make the final.

“It’s bittersweet as I’ve had such a journey in there. I’ve had ups and downs but I have definitely had a full Love Island experience.

“I was instantly attracted to Adam, we couldn’t stop staring at each other.

“When he walked in I couldn’t see who it was, I just heard an Irish accent.

“We went to the mini firepit and from that moment onwards we have been building on our instant connection ever since.

“When Adam picked me up in his gladiator outfit, swung me over his shoulder and laid me down on the floor my heart nearly came out of my chest!”

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