Rhobh: Kyle Tells Sutton To ‘Quit Asking About My Household’ After Being Accused Of Having ‘No Flow’ In Her Marriage


Kyle Richards and Sutton Stracke go head-to-head once again on The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills.

Wednesday’s episode of the Bravo show picked up with Kyle, 54, confronting Sutton, 52, over a comment she made at her THC dinner first featured in last week’s episode. At the time, Sutton claimed the Halloween actress was “in denial somewhere” before taking her seat at the dinner table.

“Sutton, what am I in denial about?” Kyle asked while whirling around to face her. “If you know something please tell me … If you’re saying I’m in denial, you’re implying you know something.”

The southern belle claimed she didn’t have any information about her personal life, but noted how her behavioral changes — like her intense diet and exercise — made her speculate if Kyle was “in denial about something.”

Kyle accused Sutton of “gaslighting” her when the businesswoman couldn’t name why she believed she was hiding something important going on in her “household and her marriage” to Mauricio Umansky.

“Quit asking about my household,” she demanded before making her exit.

“Kyle is in denial about something going on with her marriage,” Sutton said in a confessional. “Personally, I think Kyle is unhappy. People’s marriages ebb and flow and maybe there’s no flow right now. It’s something that she doesn’t want to talk about. Kyle doesn’t like to talk about personal things.”

As the mom of four stormed out of the room and into her kitchen, Sutton went after her and attempted to clear up comments. The other housewives followed behind them.

“I trust what you just told me. There’s nothing going on. There’s nothing to be worried about,” she said before Kyle reminded her that she’d previously opened up about the rough year she’d had at the cast’s spiritual retreat.

“If I was really going through a hard time like that, this certainly would not be the way I approach my friend,” she said.

Kyle flipped the script onto Sutton, questioning if her irratic behavior at their previous one-on-one conversation was the result of “your first drink or your fifth” or the medication she takes for her foot.


“I’ve seen you push around the plate and say that you have some disorder where you choke and you can’t eat your food,” she added.

The accusation didn’t land well with Sutton, who told cameras that her “esophagus disorder is not something to be made fun of.”

“I can’t eat certain foods,” she continued. “I’ve been down for four days not able to swallow my own saliva. And here’s my friend, making fun of me. What’s going on in your life, Kyle? You’re not drinking. Why? Was it a problem? Did you drink too much? I don’t call you out on that s—. Why are you calling me out?”

“I’m sick of fighting with you,” Sutton fired back. “You’ve already lost two sisters, do you want to lose a third?”

Kyle began seeing red and demanded Sutton to “go f— yourself” before confronting her about her own issues with the actress’ older sister Kathy Hilton. The actress claimed Sutton was a “kiss ass to her in public” but confided in Kyle about her grievances with Kathy.

Sutton began explaining her relationship with Kathy, and shared that she once vented to Kyle after the mom of Paris and Nicky Hilton once yelled at her for not defending her during an interview.

“I’m not kissing Kathy’s ass, we have a relationship. We have a friendship,” she continued, as Kyle accused her of being afraid to tell Kathy her true feelings.

In a conversation with cameras, Erika Jayne weighed in: “Some women in this group fear Kathy because she holds the access to something they want. She can lock you out of Beverly Hills or lock you out of parties or lock you out of social standing.”

“We all know that Sutton likes a good old socialization situation,” she added.

The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills airs Wednesdays at 8 p.m. ET on Bravo.