Here’S The Real Reason Why Denise Richards Was Upset With Erika Jayne On RHOBH


Erika Jayne can’t seem to figure out why Denise Richards is coming for her on The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills Season 13.

Nearly four years after her exit from RHOBH, Denise joined the diamond holders for a dinner at Kyle Richards’ Encino home. What was supposed to be a night of good spirits and high vibes eventually turned into the latest “dinner party from hell” after a very awkward and unclear conversation between Denise and Erika.

Get all the details on the Bet It All on Blonde star and RHOBH alum’s confusing exchange below.

Denise Richards’ conversation with Erika Jayne over their past drama

On Season 13, Episode 7 of RHOBH, which aired on December 6, Denise told the ladies at dinner that she missed hanging out with them. Soon after, things took a shocking twist when Denise decided to quip Erika about the demise of their friendship.

“I do have a question for [Erika]… The first time I met you – you were so sweet and lovely, and then a year later, it was a different dynamic,” Denise said to Erika. She later quipped, “What did I do to you?”

In a state of confusion, Erika demanded clarification from Denise by asking, “Can you tell me what it is though because I’m not clear.”

Erika wasn’t the only housewife unsure of what Denise was alluding to, as the rest of the RHOBH ‘Wives were bewildered by the situation. Additionally, they pleaded with Denise to be more “specific” about her issues with Erika.


Although Denise never gave Erika a clear answer as to why she was upset with her, the “Xxpensive” singer took ownership of her wrongdoing by apologizing to her counterpart.

“OK, Denise, I apologize to you,” Erika told Denise, to which she replied, “Thank you.

Denise Richards explains why she’s upset with Erika Jayne

Later in the episode, Denise met up with Crystal Kung Minkoff, Garcelle Beauvais, and Sutton Stracke for lunch, where she opened up to the trio about her and Erika’s past dealings.

“You know we had a dinner party, and we were talking about threesomes with my kids at another table,” Denise explained.

Of course, Sutton and Garcelle had a memory of the conversation as they were in attendance for the event when it happened. However, Crystal, on the other hand, was surprised to hear the news and seemed genuinely shocked by the details, saying, “What the hell.”

As for the endgame of Denise bringing up the issues, she admitted to Garcelle, Sutton, and Crystal that she wanted Erika to “acknowledge” and “apologize” for the incident.