Rhobh Fans Joke Lisa Rinna ‘Doesn’T Even Have To Act’ As Star Plays Cyberbully In Lifetime Film Mommy Meanest


LISA Rinna has gained a new acting role and fans says its not too far off from her real life.

The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills star will appear in the Lifetime movie, Mommy Meanest, next month.

Mommy Meanest is about a teenage girl who receives a barrage of degrading text messages from an anonymous number.

Lisa, 60, plays Madelyn, the concerned divorced mother, who is raising her daughter on her own.

However, the concern may be fake as the threats get worse and the daughter, Mia, played by Briana Skye, finds out that her bully is her own mother.

Madelyn gets jealous when Mia starts spending more time with her boyfriend and their tight bond becomes looser.

She also can’t handle her daughter leaving for college in a few months.

So, Madelyn sends mean text messages that makes her daughter lose confidence in herself and wonder why people hate her.

The Lifetime film is based on a true story.

Mommy Meanest premieres on the channel on May 11 at 8/7c.

The film also stars Lisa’s daughter Delilah Hamlin, Bradley Stryker, Kyle Clark, and Jason Tremblay.


Reddit users posted the trailer to the platform and commented on how Lisa doesn’t have to act because the role is not too far from her real life.

“This looks good. She’s a better actor than reality star,” one fan said.

“Lisa aka the biggest bully in Hollywood acting in a movie about bullying? Did the Onion produce this? I will watch it because I like things, but the irony is glaring,” asked another.

“Back in her wheelhouse,” added a third.

“She doesn’t even have to act…” joked another.

Lisa aka the biggest bully in Hollywood acting in a movie about bullying? Did the Onion produce this? I will watch it because I like things, but the irony is glaring

A Reddit User

“This looks creepy,” said one last fan.

An Instagram user commented, “Lmao. Is this a documentary about Lisa Rinna?”

“This looks right up her alley,” said another.


Lisa has been pinned a “bully” on Real Housewives when she was on the Bravo program.

In 2021, she and Dormit Kemsley were slammed for bullying Garcelle Beauvais at the reunion show.

Garcelle – the first Black cast member to be featured on the show – got into a heated argument with two of her rivals she had to battle all season.


Dorit, 45, labeled Garcelle, 54, as a “bully,” which fans took issue with as she had never used that term with her other costars.

Many of them had acted more outrageous than Garcelle did.

Viewers also claimed both Dorit and Lisa had a derogatory attitude all season, including calling Garcelle “aggressive.”

They also corrected the way she talked and excluded her from their friend group.

Their issues came to the forefront at the reunion, with Dorit being the first to attack.

”You don’t say much when we’re together or to someone’s face, and then you’ll say it passive aggressively in the confessionals,” she said.

“First I say too much, and then I don’t say enough. Like, I can’t win with you,” an emotional Garcell replied.

Host Andy Cohen then stepped in and questioned Dorit.

“You said you want her to be direct but then you accuse her of throwing darts,” he said.

Dorit appeared frazzled, and yelled back at Andy.

“I want her to be direct, I don’t want her to throw darts,” she said.

“Throwing darts is not being direct, Andy. When you have an issue with someone, you look at them and you tell them you have an issue.”

“You don’t throw a passive aggressive jab with a smile,” Dorit threw back.

Garcelle then brought up Dorit calling her a bully – which she later apologized for.

Once Garcelle revealed she had accepted Dorit’s apology, Lisa sarcastically interrupted and said, “That’s nice.”

The Coming To America actress appeared furious, darting a look over to her rival before yelling, “Rinna, stop! We’ll get to it. Like, hold on girl,” she said of their unresolved issues.

An outraged Lisa yelled back, “Garcelle, I’ll do whatever I want. Don’t you tell me to do anything, OK? Thanks.”