Kyle Richards Shares Her Feelings On Crystal Kung Minkoff’S Exit From Rhobh Amid Her Return In Season 14


Kyle Richards revealed her opinion on Crystal Kung Minkoff leaving Real Housewives of Beverly Hills. Kyle shared how she was “sad” about her co-star leaving and said she’s sure Minkoff is going to be great.

Richards also addressed the rumors about her not returning to the show. This is what the reality star said about her future on the show.

Kyle Richards reacts to Crystal Kung Minkoff’s RHOBH exit

Kyle Richards opened up about her thoughts on Real Housewives of Beverly Hills co-star Crystal Kung Minkoff leaving the show. The actor addressed it during an Amazon Live Session on April 17. Kyle revealed her initial reaction was being sad and having mixed feelings about the move. “Not because of her, just because… It’s probably disappointing but also like life’s great without reality television, too,” Richards explained. She continued, “So it’s not like, ‘Oh my god, poor Crystal!'”

Kyle noted that Crystal has a great family and “there’s a lot of say for not doing” ROBH. The star quickly added that she thinks Minkoff is going to do great off the show.

Crystal Kung Minkoff recently revealed that she won’t be joining the cast of RHOBH for the 14th season. She has been a part of the show for 3 seasons now ever since she joined on season 11 in 2021. While announcing her departure from the show the star said her leaving is “bittersweet” for her. “Never did I think I would have been asked to do the show in a million years, let alone film it for three seasons. Every single year I was asked back, it was a blessing. It was an honor,” she told fans in a video post.


Kyle Richards addresses rumors about leaving the RHOBH

Kyle Richards recently addressed the rumors about her following in Minkkoff’s footsteps and leaving the show. The star denied the rumors by stating that she hadn’t made her decision yet. She denied the online reports before adding, “I know there are reports online that I’m not coming back, or that I am coming back. That conversation is TBD.”

With that said Richards has previously opened up about having a difficult time on RHOBH. In an interview with Extra, the actress revealed that her decision about whether she wants to be on the show or not is always decided “last minute.”

Kyle revealed how she was “under the microscope” and “in the public eye” in season 13 because of the complications in her married life. In July 2023, People magazine revealed that the couple had allegedly decided to separate. There has been no announcement about a divorce as of yet.