Married At First Sight’S ‘Hottest Groom Ever’ Doesn’T Look Like This Anymore! Stephen Stewart Debuts Makeover


Stephen Stewart was dubbed The Married At First Sight’s ‘hottest groom ever’.

And the Perth-based hairdresser, 26, showed off his new look in an Instagram post on Friday.

He began by posting a poll, asking his fans if it was ‘time for a chop’ of his long mane.

Over 60 percent of replies chose the ‘DOOOO ITTTT!’ option, with the rest agreeing with the second option, ‘You’re nothing without your locks’.

Stephen then revealed he decided to chop his hair, posting a mirror selfie in which he sported a shorter coif.

His flowing locks are now just past chin length and in a floppy, choppy modern cut.

It comes after Stephen broke his silence after his ill-fated ‘marriage’ with Michael Felix came to an end during this year’s season.

He offered an unfiltered perspective on the events that led to their breakup and the challenges they faced as a same-sex couple.

Speaking to Daily Mail Australia, Stephen recognised the absence of a genuine spark that could sustain their relationship.


The absence of chemistry between Stephen and Michael became glaringly apparent as they struggled to find common ground.

‘We didn’t have anything to bond over… Every interaction, it just didn’t flow and it was hard work,’ Stephen shared.

Stephen admitted to feeling pressure once he found out he was a last-minute replacement after Michael’s original match, Simon Flocco, quit the show.

‘Once I found out that I wasn’t Michael’s original match I was put in to fill the void, that’s when I started to withdraw,’ he revealed.

‘I was like, ‘Oh God, I can see that there’s no chemistry here’. Anyone who knows me and anyone who met us could see that there was it wasn’t a great match in communication styles and just common interests.’

‘It did make me think they just put us here because they needed that gay couple, which sucked,’ he said.