Married At First Sight’S Cam Merchant Left On A Drip As He Falls Ill During Bali Holiday While Awaiting Birth Of Second Child With Jules Robinson


Cameron Merchant has been struck down by illness during a vacation in Bali.

The former Married At First Sight groom got a bad case of ‘Bali belly’ and required a drip to replenish his fluids after being sick for 24 hours.

‘Bali belly strikes,’ Cam, 40, said in an Instagram Stories post during the trip, which is to attend his best friend’s wedding.

‘Turn of events, up from 2:30am in a world of hurt and depleted of everything within me…’

The former reality star said of his ruined weekend plans: ‘Well this is fun… Not such a moment of joy.

‘The cold shivers, the shakes , the hot sweats… make up your mind Bali belly, which one is it?

‘One depleted human right here, right now’ he added.

Cameron shared another update a day later and said he’d had a ‘rough’ 24 hours but was on the road to recovery, albeit still weak.

The father-of-one is expecting his second child with wife Jules Robinson, who is due any week now.

Jules and Cameron fell in love in front of the cameras during series six of MAFS in 2019 before getting married for real in November that year.

The pair welcomed son Oliver in September 2020 and in March Jules announced she was expecting her second child.


The reality star recently officially launched her debut book Ask Jules – in which she shares her personal experiences and expert tips on beauty, wellness and self-love.

‘It’s really important message that as women we do need to take care of ourselves, you know?’ Jules told Daily Mail Australia.

‘It’s just been a very big part of my life for the last 12 months. Like, putting my oxygen mask on first before someone else. When you’re an entrepreneur and you’re busy, you’re doing a million things, and you’re a mum, it’s very easy to not put yourself first.’

The salon owner and shapewear entrepreneur, 42, exclusively spoke to Daily Mail Australia about her pregnancy just weeks ahead of her due date, and candidly revealed she is already planning for baby number three.

‘We want to have another baby,’ Jules enthused, adding: ‘Who knows? If think if there’s a will, there’s a way.’

Jules and Cameron were seriously considering IVF before she managed to conceive naturally – a feat she largely credits to Ayurvedic medicine.

Ayurveda is an ancient Indian wellbeing practice that claims to help patients achieve balance through food, herbs, meditation, yoga and detoxing.