Kathy Hilton Says It’S Up To Sister Kyle Richards If She’Ll Ever Return To ‘Rhobh’ (Exclusive)


While Kathy Hilton is on board for a Real Housewives of Beverly Hills return, she’s ultimately leaving that decision up to one person: sister Kyle Richards.

Speaking exclusively with The Messenger at Hilton’s annual holiday pajama party featuring Printfresh’s “Happy Howlidays” Pajamas on Monday, Hilton spoke about her time on RHOBH and explained why a return to the franchise is not up to her.

“I’ve just finished Season 2 [of Paris in Love], and I think that’s up to Kyle,” said Hilton, who worked with Nicky Rothschild on Printfresh’s new line in which 10% of proceeds from each sale are being donated to Animal Haven and Camp Cocker. “And if it’s organic and it works out. I never say no. Never say never.”

The pair’s relationship has been strained ever since Season 12 of RHOBH came to an end last fall. During the season, co-star Lisa Rinna accused Hilton of bad-mouthing the entire cast, including Richards, during a trip to Aspen, Colo. During that same trip, Hilton had a “breakdown” of epic proportions.

“Once Kathy is mad, it’s hard to turn that around,” Richards said in a Season 12 confessional. “Listen, Kathy can be so much fun and funny. She can also be very difficult. The part that bothers me so much is how much I let it affect me. That’s where it’s different with friends versus sisters.”


The drama followed the sisters into the reunion show, where Richards broke down in tears.

“I feel very put in the middle of this whole situation,” Richards said. “Obviously, my sister is my sister. My feelings were very hurt. I feel like I always get the blame for things in my family… when this whole thing came out, it just made us worse and set us back.”

Although Hilton and Richards have been distant, the pair reunited a handful of times over the past year and have been working on a reconciliation.

Speaking with The Messenger at Hilton’s DIRECTV Celebrates Christmas at Kathy’s event on last week, Richards expressed her gratitude for their bond.

“I always said that the most difficult part of the holidays when [Kathy and I] weren’t speaking was, you know, that I hate I was missing my sisters,” she said. “When there’s three, it always seems like there’s one out of the mix at the time. It’s always been like that. So it’s nice that… hopefully it’s going to stay like this forever. We’re all three together now, and it’s the holidays, and it just makes it special because that’s what the holidays are all about: family.”