Days Spoilers Speculation: Theresa Coaxes Alex’S Inner Playboy Back Out


DAYS spoilers are making viewers wonder whether Theresa will go too far in her campaign to make Brady jealous…by making Alex fall in love with her. Shane is concerned this might happen. After all, who wouldn’t fall in love with his precious, wonderful, sweet, not at all manipulative, and conniving little girl?

DAYS Spoilers Speculation

But Alex (Robert Scott Wilson) is no innocent. He’s a player — a man of the world. Surely, Theresa (Jen Lilley) can’t manipulate and con him? Could she?

Days of our Lives: New Man

Alex went to therapy to learn how not to be such a playboy. He’d fallen in love with Stephanie (Abigail Klein) and wanted to change his entire personality for her…even though Stephanie keeps insisting she’s totes in love with Chad (Billy Flynn). What if Marlena’s (Deidre Hall) therapy worked too well, and Alex will now imprint on the next woman he sees? Which, of course, is Theresa.

DAYS: One Step at a Time

Alex hasn’t become a complete monk, however. He’ll sleep with Theresa without needing to be in love with her. She certainly seems willing — despite what she claimed to Shane (Charles Shaughnessy). If it makes Brady (Eric Martsolf) crazy, Theresa is willing to make the ultimate sacrifice. Plus, Marlena’s therapy isn’t that good.


DAYS Spoilers: Next Steps

But will sex lead to love for Alex? Or will it actually remind him that he just isn’t all that into Theresa? What if it reminds him that Stephanie is the one he truly wants? And then he can use Theresa to make Stephanie jealous, the way Theresa wants to use him against Brady.

This isn’t a very functional relationship. But it’s textbook Alex and Theresa. They’ll be so busy playing each other they won’t even realize they are also being played. These two don’t even know what real love is. And, at this rate, neither will ever figure it out.