Y&R Spoilers Speculation: Kyle Crosses The Line With Audra


Y&R spoilers don’t have to tell us that Audra was flirting with Kyle. We’re soap watchers. We know flirting when we see it. Audra knew she was flirting. Kyle knew she was flirting too. He just had too much going on these days with his wife, his mother, and his mother-in-law to react.

Y&R Spoilers Speculation

But Jack’s little boy is about to reach his breaking point. He’s going to lose his self-control sooner rather than later. And, when he does, will he cross the line with Audra? What almost 2,000 fans told us:

Kyle Abbott: Smart Guy

Kyle (Michael Mealor) is way too smart to fall for Audra’s tricks, 17% predict. He’s a brilliant businessman. Or so we’ve been told. We haven’t actually seen any concrete evidence of that. And he’s really good at reading people. He married Summer when he was in love with Lola (Sasha Calle). He married Lola when he was in love with Summer (Allison Lanier). He slept with a married woman. This is a level-headed dude who is definitely not ruled by his hormones!


Y&R Spoilers: The Ball is in Your Court

It all depends on how things work out with Summer, 30% predict. She wanted to talk out their problems. Kyle didn’t. That’s not a good sign. But, then again, Summer always gets Kyle to do what she wants in the long run. So she’ll eventually convince him she was right, he was wrong, and he loves her too much to ever so much as look in Audra’s direction.

Young and the Restless: Perfect Fit

Oh, yeah, this is happening, 53% contradict. Kyle is just looking for a way to act out. And Audra knows how to take advantage of any situation. As soon as he starts his usual welling eyes and trembling lower lip, Audra will sweep in to make him feel better. And ask, “Summer, who?”