Why Blue Bloods Fans Are So Split Over Eddie Janko-Reagan


From Ross and Rachel to Luke and Lorelai to Derek and Meredith, watching the slow-burning dynamic of would-be couples is nothing new in the realm of TV. Whether it is obvious they will get together or whether the writers tease and tease before breaking the viewers’ hearts by throwing a wrench in the works, the device is a familiar one. For “Blue Bloods,” the couple we watched slowly blossom for years is composed of colleagues Jamie Reagan (Will Estes) and Eddie Janko (Vanessa Ray), who finally ended the back and forth by getting married in Season 9. While it ended the will-they-get-together gold the writers seemed to lean on, it also gave them a new treasure chest of spouse vs. colleague conflicts.

Not all fans are thrilled with the relationship, though, as Redditor u/RadioGurlKay posted a scathing rant about Eddie’s conduct in a thread on r/bluebloods. In the post, the Redditor asserts, “I think the writers should really review the way this character behaves. She is a never-ending contradiction to herself and it’s sickening.” In their post, they go on to say, “She whines about Jamie not having her back, then turns around and berates him for coming to her aid. Jamie always puts her in her place one minute, then comes apologizing for ‘wronging’ her later on.”

It’s certainly a bold take on the character, but do other fans agree? Or is the relationship what fans have always wanted? Here is why “Blue Bloods” fans are so split over Eddie and her relationship with Jamie.

Some fans think that Eddie bullies Jamie

Jamie and Eddie’s relationship exists within a difficult dynamic. While they are a married couple and must take each other into account when making a myriad of decisions, Jamie is also Eddie’s superior officer and is bound by his position to make decisions dispassionately. But does Eddie take advantage of her husband and sway his decision-making process in her favor?

Redditor u/calisto_fox seems to think so. They replied affirmatively to u/RadioGurlKay’s post, writing, “Yea, Eddie is one of the worst characters. I wish they’d give her less screen time. And more screen time to Joe Hill.” Similarly, u/Corgitechy said, “This is exactly how I feel. I really don’t like her character. It’s like anything, and everything triggers her, and then she starts bullying Jamie.” They continued on to add, “Even when Jamie is just doing his job and doing the right thing, she often asks him to do things in a different way because it will affect how the other cops in the precinct like her.”


Regardless of the reasoning behind some of Eddie’s behavior towards her husband and supervisor, these fans find her to be a bully. However, this thread is also full of Jamko supporters who aren’t content to sit back while people roast their favorite cop couple.

Others disagree and believe they have a healthy relationship

There are many fans who elected to stick up for Jamko. These fans seem to acknowledge that the inherent dynamic of their work and personal lives creates situations where they both have to grow and learn. Jamie, of course, will over-compensate with Eddie to avoid the appearance of favoritism, much like his father does to him and his brother on the job. Eddie will undoubtedly allow her personal life to meld with her professional life and voice her opinions to her husband.

As u/mrootbeers argues, “She is in a very difficult situation. She is a beat cop who has to work with other beat cops, while her (self-proclaimed) hard-ass husband institutes rules that take some time to earn the respect of her colleagues. SHE is the one who has to listen to them complain and get resentful. Yet, she always has Jamie’s back. She’s always there to defend him when other cops are complaining about him.” The Redditor then adds a statement that sums their feelings up perfectly: “They are a very healthy, loving couple with a balance of power that is very good.”

But there is more to be taken into account when evaluating behavior. Redditor u/DroolingSlothCarpet added, “A shallow dive into the history of women in American law enforcement will teach you that from the beginning women have had to prove themselves more than their male peers.” They went on to point out that Eddie is only human, so it’s natural that this would also spill over into her personal life. Whether you agree or disagree with the original Redditor’s statements, Eddie and Jamie fought for the right to work together and have each other’s backs.