Weekly Y&R Spoilers: Targeted, Trapped, And Twisted


For the week of February 19 – February 23 on The Young and the Restless, spoilers tease characters trapped, thrown curveballs, and basically evaluating their life choices. In other words, it’s another week of Y&R you’re not going to want to miss.

Protect Nikki At All Costs

Darling Nikki (Melody Thomas Scott) is still living life on the edge. She’s drinking, dealing with Victor (Eric Braeden) in dictator mode, and taunting Crazy Aunt Jordan (Colleen Zenk) on the phone. Clearly, she’s making decisions without considering the consequences. Which is exactly why Victor’s concerned about his wife’s decision-making skills. What’s he going to do about it? You know he’ll do something big and over-the-top, and likely to piss everyone off, right?

Maybe, this time, The Great Victor Newman is justified because, suddenly, Nikki falls into a trap. Will she be able to get herself out of it? Sounds like next week will be as fraught, harried, and tumultuous as the last few months of her life. Ultimately, this madness means Victor devises a master plan to protect Nikki at all costs. Do you blame him?

The Sally Effect

These days, Adam’s (Mark Grossman) on his best behavior. When he and Chelsea (Melissa Claire Egan) aren’t dealing with Connor’s (Judah Mackey) school struggles, he’s kicking butt and taking names at Newman. Something else on his crowded plate: ensuring Sally’s (Courtney Hope, who celebrates a major milestone here) interior design business doesn’t fail. Sure, it’s not his battle to fight, but he’s dubbed himself Sally’s champion. So whatever he can do to help his significant other succeed, he’s going to do it. It kind of sounds like he’s ripping a page out of Victor’s book.

Meanwhile, Adam’s brother is doing something scary. Yes, Nick’s (Joshua Morrow) digging deep into himself and evaluating his feelings for Sally. Once this inner excavation comes to a conclusion, what will he learn about himself? That he’s, 1) Over Sally; 2) Was actually never in love with Sally in the first place; 3) Realizes he never should have gotten involved with his brother’s girl. Like ever. Or 4) He’s ready to find love again.


Odds and Ends

Who needs to battle rival companies like Jabot or Newman, when you can start a Game of Thrones or Succession-like war in-house? Billy (Jason Thompson) wants to change the name of Chancellor-Winters. Devon’s (Bryton James) not having it. the battle lines are being drawn by what last name you have. So what happens when Jill (Jess Walton) throws Billy and Devon a curveball? Will they end up clashing harder or forming an alliance?

Elsewhere, Audra’s (Zuleyka Silver) gone all-in with Tucker (Trevor St. John) and that can’t be good. Question: If the spoilers suggest Audra let her guard down with Tucker, that means a hurricane of torment courtesy of Mr. McCall is headed her way, right? Just checking.

Finally, Ashley’s (Eileen Davidson) been on a rollercoaster of emotion, misplaced devotion, as well as, frankly, delusion ever since that doomed night in Paris. Her problems with Tucker and the way their marriage ended is all coming to a head. Triggered flashbacks and a couple downward spirals later and…Ashley has a change of heart. Does she now believe in Tucker’s version of events in that Parisian restaurant?