The Young And The Restless Spoilers: Ashley’S Horrible Night – Alan’S Creepy Twin Brother Triggered Did?


Spoilers for The Young and the Restless (Y&R) indicate that some viewers have had doubts about Alan Laurent (Christopher Cousins) since his first appearance on the show.

It’s often difficult to determine a character’s personality with certainty when they first appear unless you know them well.

But Alan has undoubtedly been putting a lot of effort into assisting Ashley Abbott (Eileen Davidson) in identifying the trauma’s origin.

Would Alan not want the cause of Ashley’s dissociative identity disorder to remain buried if he had done something to set it off?

Instead, there may be another explanation that preserves Alan as a good guy while still making him an important part of what happened to Ashley.

In Y&R’s May 30 episode, Ashley talked to Alan about calling him and setting up a meeting after her infamous fight with Tucker McCall (Trevor St. John).

That was the first week in September, but Alan insisted he was in Florence at the time.

If that’s true, then Alan wasn’t the one who answered that call or met with Ashley that night.

Alan might even have some video evidence if he spoke at a conference, so maybe he can prove he was nowhere near Paris.

That brings us to Tucker’s strange encounter with a man who looked identical to Alan – except for perhaps having a style of clothing that’s a little more relaxed.

That guy seemed confused like he was meeting Tucker for the first time in the May 30 episode before blowing right past him.


Could Alan have a creepy twin brother who’s responsible for Ashley’s trauma?

Alan might have an identical sibling who’s perhaps obsessed with Alan’s life and patients.

Alan’s twin certainly could’ve posed as his former psychologist brother and become quite enamored with Ashley.

Perhaps Ashley has been able to block out the possibility that this guy assaulted her or did something else to hurt her.

The fact that Alan appeared to be in Florence on that important night and that there appears to be another character who like Alan are the signs that lead in that way.

It makes logical that Ashley had a mental breakdown while Alan was away because his twin brother, or at the very least, a lookalike, took his place.

Stay tuned for details on Alan’s twin’s possible role in Ashley’s DID trigger—spoilers for The Young and the Restless indicate that he will assist Ashley in learning some startling information.

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