Sister Wives: Biggest News Stories From The Cast (Before & After The Show’S Premiere)


Sister Wives season 18’s heating up, and its cast members, Kody Brown, Robyn Brown, Janelle Brown, Christine Brown and Meri Brown, are changing radically, on and offscreen. The Brown family has a whole new dynamic now, as Christine’s branching out. Kody’s struggling to adapt to his changed circumstances, but why he’d be surprised that Christine left him is anyone’s guess. After favoring Robyn for so many years, he had it coming. It’s possible that he thought religion would keep Christine under his control, even though he neglected her. A husband (Kody) who was so reluctant to sleep with own wife (Christine) shouldn’t feign shock when she runs for the hills.

Christine leaving isn’t the only big news. Onscreen, in Sister Wives season 18, she’s got a lighthearted quality that’s so nice to see. She’s moved past so much turmoil. After she made that epic decision, she obviously felt free, happy, and hopeful. Meanwhile, the other cast members are at war. Even Robyn and Kody are in trouble. Kody’s relationship with Janelle is on the rocks, and Meri’s still feeling left out.

For Years, The Brown’s Plural Marriage Was A Sham

This polygamous family was a sham for a long time, and now, the Browns can’t hide it anymore. It’s just too stressful to keep pretending. While pretending might have benefited the Browns financially, the emotional cost was way too high. When Christine left, the jig was basically up. Now, in season 18, Janelle and Meri’s relationships with Kody are dying, episode by episode.

Aside from Christine, who left first (the other wives remain with Kody during season 18…so far) the biggest news is Kody and Robyn’s recent statements about monogamy. Robyn went first, going public to share that she didn’t want Kody to take another wife. That was shocking, as Robyn claimed she was so into monogamy. For years, Sister Wives’ Robyn Brown was accused of being fake and manipulative, and there may be more than a grain of truth to that harsh criticism. Since she doesn’t want other sister wives now, she probably hasn’t wanted Kody to be with his other wives for a long time. Maybe she always wanted him all to herself.

After Robyn decided to make those bombshell comments, Kody had to regroup. There was a lull, and his silence probably meant that he was trying to figure out how to finesse the delicate situation, in order to do the most effective damage control. After all, polygamy is his brand. Also, he had to please the only wife he’s got left.

Eventually – and he waited much too long – he stated that he wasn’t interested in marrying again. That was something he probably should have said the day after her statement. The fact that he waited so long seemed to signal some kind of hesitation on his part. Robyn may have pressured him to speak out. Sobbin’ Robyn’s a woman who tends to get her way.

Is Kody Telling The Truth About Wanting Monogamy With Robyn?

Since he did hesitate, it’s possible that he’s not telling the truth about wanting only Robyn forever. There’s always the chance he would actually like to take a new wife (perhaps a younger woman), but fears backlash from his current wife. Robyn is getting bolder. She’s used covert tactics to control Kody for eons, but now, she’s taking the direct route. She’s stating her needs, and is obviously willing to risk her marriage to avoid another plural marriage scenario.


In light of how badly things are going in season 18, Robyn’s attitude is certainly understandable. However, it paints her as a villain because she was so into trying to show the world how much she loved her fellow sister wives. Robyn’s attempts to seem “nice” didn’t really ring true. There was obviously subterfuge. Like a spy, she was conning the sister wives, if unsuccessfully, and then working against them behind the scenes. She grilled them to get “intel” that she could use to destabilize their relationships with Kody. It’s likely she doesn’t even like Janelle, Christine and Meri, much less love them.

Kody’s stuck with Robyn now, and he may not mind, but there could be a part of him that’s longing to go on the prowl. He loved that infatuation feeling he had with Robyn way back when. Also, young women who believe in polygamy (or are willing to pretend to believe) are out there. A lot of them may be interested in the perks that reality fame provides. He would be able to find a young wife that he found attractive. That’s an absolute certainty. However, Robyn’s not going to allow it. She’ll leave him if he strays, even within the confines of plural marriage rules.

Christine Brown’s Engaged To David Woolley (She Can’t Stop Smiling)

Christine moved on with a vengeance, shedding the past like a snake sheds its skin. She is so over being a Brown, and soon, she may be Christine Woolley. That will be the cherry on top in terms of her reinvention. She doesn’t live in the past, and Christine has so much faith in the future. Hopefully, David will live up to her ideals. She wants certain things from a partner, which Kody never really provided. She’s looking for passion, devotion, fun… Kody was a wet blanket. He was just bringing her down.

As long as David treats her well (and he should, because she’s a special person), Christine’s fiery and sunny spirit can soar. However, even if things don’t work out, she’s likely to rally. She’s dealt with heartache before, and look at her now! There’s life beyond a relationship, and Christine left Kody before she got involved with someone else. Christine bailed out even though no man was there who would be “a soft place to fall”. She walked the high wire without a safety net. So, there’s no question that she can thrive while she’s going it alone. Sister Wives season 18 is becoming really entertaining. Each episode offers more emotion and truth than the last. As this installment unfolds, more news about the cast may be revealed, on and offscreen.