One Silver Lining That Toxic Duo Of Rhaenyra And Daemon Had


After all, looks like Rhaenyra does care about other people’s feelings occasionally, and Daemon can do more than kill, hang out in brothels, and bully his older brother.

While many people praise Rhaenyra and Daemon’s relationship, with the wedding scene taking everyone’s breath away, most fans agree that their relationship is a little toxic (maybe not a little).

But one thing many fans agree on is that their attitude toward Laenor and his salvation is their main redeeming quality.

Rhaenyra’s reunion with Daemon helped her understand that in order to ascend to the Iron Throne, Daemon must be by her side, and not only as an ally but as her husband.

One small problem was that Laenor had to be dead for this to happen. Over the course of a few episodes, fans got to know Daemon’s personality, and the first thought was that Daemon would just kill Laenor in cold blood to get what he wanted.

But Daemon unexpectedly came out on the positive side. The plan was to stage the death of the heiress’ husband, allowing him to escape with.

How noble was that? Now that was pretty noble. As part of the plan, an innocent guard had to be killed and burned at the stake. But well, you can’t make an omelette without breaking a few eggs.


This attitude toward Laenor melted the hearts of the fans for several reasons.

Though it was easier for Daemon to kill Laenor than to stop being rude to Viserys for at least ten minutes, he ultimately chose the noble option, allowing Laenor to sail away to be free.

This situation also showed that although the marriage of Rhaenyra and Leanor was a fiction, and Leanor could not become a husband for Rhaenyra in the full sense of the word, the Heiress to the Iron Throne truly loved him and respected him as a person.

Moreover, this series has become a bright spot, breaking away from the general pattern of Game of Thrones and House of the Dragon ( the bloody murder of almost all heroes of any significance to the plot). And fans are grateful for that.