Married At First Sight: What Happened To Ryan De Nino After Season 2


Ryan De Nino is one of the least popular Married At First Sight husbands, and it’s time to let the show’s fans know what he’s been up to since season 2. Although there has been a slew of horrible MAFS husbands, Ryan was the original problematic groom. From his low-profile social media presence to his legal woes, including a restraining order, Ryan’s life since his doomed marriage on Married At First Sight season 2 has been dramatic. Ryan debuted on Married At First Sight season 2 on March 17, 2015, which featured New York and northern New Jersey couples.

Back in 2015, Ryan was a 29-year-old business owner. Ryan was matched with Jessica Castro, a receptionist who was 30 years old. Ryan and Jessica’s marriage was full of ups and downs. While they did share some tender and heartfelt moments, Ryan and Jessica wouldn’t be able to go too long before getting into a volatile argument. Jessica even alleged that Ryan lied about using a portion of their wedding money without telling her. On Decision Day in Married At First Sight season 2, Ryan and Jessica believed they would be able to salvage their love. They chose to stay married.

What Happened Between Ryan and Jessica After Decision Day?
Things Got Even Worse

Unfortunately, Ryan’s scary behavior during season 2 (via Lifetime) only worsened after the cameras stopped rolling. When Ryan and Jessica returned for the season 2 Reunion 6 months after their marriage, their relationship was strained. Jessica revealed that she discovered Ryan had cheated on her several times. Ryan was infuriated by Jessica’s assertions and was heard fuming in a hot mic moment backstage.

“She’s f**king dead. When I get back to Brooklyn, she’s f**king dead, this girl.”

Regrettably, this wasn’t the first time that Ryan had made such threats. According to the New York Post, in March 2015, Ryan told his ex-wife, “I will break you into f–king pieces.” He even threatened his former in-laws, reportedly saying, “I will break your dad into pieces. I will make your whole family disappear…” Ryan and Jessica’s breakup is considered one of the most disastrous divorces in Married At First Sight history.

Season 2 was filmed in 2014, aired in March 2015, and in June 2015, Jessica filed for a restraining order against Ryan. Ryan, seemingly upset about the order of protection, posted a screenshot of the paperwork when he got it. Since the restraining order, Jessica and Ryan seem to have no contact.


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Ryan and Jessica’s biggest issue was their communication, which was only made worse by Ryan’s anger issues, so having no communication after their split was probably the best route to avoid further conflict.


Jessica has since moved on and was married in 2018. She also has a son from that marriage who was born in 2021.

Ryan’s Social Media Presence After MAFS Season 2
Ryan Keeps Things Private

Ryan was single after the Married At First Sight season 2 reunion. Since his marriage came to a grinding halt, Ryan has kept his life private. His decision not to share updates about his life is likely due to his unpopularity among fans, who witnessed his disturbing behavior on the dating show.

Married At First Sight viewers who are interested in keeping up with Ryan can find him on Instagram and Twitter. His IG handle is @ryandenino. Ryan uses the same handle on Twitter. Although he has 42,300 followers on Instagram and 19,400 followers on Twitter, he is not very active. Ryan appears to be a right-wing Trump supporter, as indicated by his tweets and retweets.

Ryan’s last tweet is from October 2020, and it’s been almost two years since the controversial TV personality posted on Instagram. Likely due to his messy public divorce after Married At First Sight, Ryan has made a personal Instagram, @thatkidnino, that’s private. It has just over 3,300 followers, but it’s unclear how active he keeps that profile. On Ryan’s public profile, there are many negative comments under his pictures calling him out for his MAFS behavior and treatment of Jessica. Ryan does not engage with his critics.

Ryan Reputation & MAFS Legacy After Season 2
Ryan Made MAFS Look Bad

Ryan did a good job of making the Married at First Sight experts and production look bad early on in the franchise’s history.

Ryan’s volatile, and potentially dangerous personality was apparently not seen, or overlooked by the experts, who had a responsibility to choose emotionally intelligent and stable participants. Married at First Sight fans were shocked to witness such behavior from cast members, and his Reunion and off-camera behavior were even worse. Ryan has one of the worst Married at First Sight reputations, and he is among the most disliked cast members.

Ryan had one of the darkest journeys on Married At First Sight and he has opted to keep his life private since leaving the show in 2015. While some fans are curious to know what the former groom is up to in 2024, Ryan has chosen to leave his public persona behind along with his failed marriage. Hopefully, Ryan’s departure from the public eye means he has let go of the threats he made on Married At First Sight.