Mafs Alum Kirsten Sparks Buzz: Would She Remarry Her Ex-Husband Shaquille?


Married at First Sight viewers have been holding out hope for a reconciliation between Kirsten Grimes and Shaquille Dillon, but is this even a possibility?

Kirsten recently provided an update on her relationship with her ex-husband, firmly shutting down any speculation about them getting back together. Interestingly, Kirsten’s Season 16 co-star and podcast co-host Nicole Lillinthal is among those who wished for the former couple to give their marriage another shot. However, Kirsten confirmed that there’s no chance of a do-over with Shaquille.

Furthermore, Kirsten, a real estate agent, has a new man in her life, and things are going well. Although she hasn’t gone Instagram official with her new beau, she shared details about their romance on the latest episode of her podcast.

MAFS Alum Kirsten Grimes Has No Plans to Remarry Her Ex-Husband

Kirsten wanted to stay married to Shaquille and work on their marriage, but he chose divorce, and now there’s no going back. Kirsten recently addressed MAFS fans who hoped for a second chance at romance between her and Shaquille on the D-List Diaries podcast, stating it’s never going to happen.

“I’ve definitely moved on from Shaquille,” the real estate agent declared. “Shaquille and I are not together anymore, we’re not getting remarried—just for clarification, in case people thought that.”


However, there is no bad blood between the exes, as Kirsten mentioned that they stay in touch and are cordial. “We’ll DM and get on [Instagram] Live sometimes,” Kirsten shared, noting that things have been going great for Shaquille, and she’s very proud of his accomplishments.

Kirsten is Dating a New Man After Her Divorce from Shaquille Dillon

To further emphasize that things are over for good with her ex-husband Shaquille, Kirsten revealed she has moved on to someone new. “I’m seeing somebody, and I’ve known him for a while,” said Kirsten, adding that they recently attended their first concert together.

“We went to Cancun, we’ve done all the things together, we’ve been having fun…and just connecting,” she shared. “So that’s my life update with my relationship.”

Meanwhile, Kirsten’s castmate Nicole, who had been hoping for a reconciliation, acknowledged the update. “I know it’s not what any of us want to hear, but we are all very happy that you are happy and Shaq is also very happy,” Nicole said. “So it worked out the best way it could given the circumstances.”