Kyle Richards, 55, Won’T Be Able To Return To Real Housewives Of Beverly Hills Unless She ‘Agrees To Reveal Her Real Relationship With Morgan Wade, 29’


Kyle Richards is being squeezed by Bravo. has learned that the brunette beauty is being pushed to agree to discuss her relationship with 29-year-old singer Morgan Wade for the sake of her series Real Housewives Of Beverly Hills.

And Bravo is insisting she must come clean about the secret romance if she wants to appear on season 14 of the hit reality TV show.

‘The producers feel that Kyle has said all she can say about her split from Mauricio [Umansky] and not it is time to tell the truth about her dating Morgan,’ said a source.

‘Kyle has beat around the bush a ton on Morgan and it is getting old. It is time for her to finally admit that it is more than a friendship.’

The 55-year-old sister of Kathy Hilton has insisted that she and Morgan are just friends.

While the source did not explain if they were an item and broke up or are still seeing each other, they were clear it was more than a friendship.

‘It was more than just friends, it was more than a girl crush,’ said the source.

‘I don’t think Kyle puts a label on it. But it is something spicy I will tell you that for sure.’

Kyle has kissed Morgan in her music video and they have also been seen being very touchy in public with a photo of Morgan sitting on Kyle’s lap making the rounds, but they have never confirmed an official romance and have insisted they are ‘just friends.’

And the insider explained the attraction.

‘Morgan treats Kyle like she is the most beautiful person in the whole entire world, and that is intoxicating,’ s aid the source.


‘Kyle really does feel like she is pretty enough, that she is funny enough, that she is smart enough when she is with Morgan.’

And there is the age difference.

‘Morgan is in her 20s and everything is fresh and new and fun. Morgan makes Kyle feel young again,’ said the source.

‘They travel and do fun things together, plus Morgan is easy going, she makes things just easy for Kyle.

‘Kyle is naturally a very anxious person and Morgan settles her down, she brings the calm.’

Being with Morgan is very different from being with Mauricio.

‘Kyle was always trying to show Mauricio that she was pretty, funny and smart enough. She was always trying to dazzled him. And I think it just got exhausting for her,’ added the insider.

‘She has said she is a different person now that she is not drinking, and I think she has a no BS shield up. So she is not the same as she used to be. She is super real these days.

‘Also with Mauricio it was always about the bills, the kids, the planning, the issues. She doesn’t have baggage with Morgan.’

But Kyle has not been ‘super real’ on the show.

‘She has not wanted to say a lot on Wade, no, but who knows maybe she will for season 14!’ added the source.

‘Kyle is smart, she is savvy, she will do the right thing for her career and family.’

Kyle and Mauricio still live together in their LA house. Neither one has shared the real reason for their separation.

Richards may not want to go back to the show.

In March she said she is undecided on whether or not she’ll return to The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills for season 14.

Speaking to Extra at the Elton John AIDS Foundation’s Oscars party, the sister of Kyle Richards and Kathy Hilton said she’s ready to put the current season behind her and isn’t sure if she’ll come back.

‘People keep asking me, “Are you going to come back? Are you going to leave?” It’s always something I decide last minute,’ she explained.

‘I think this season, particularly, because I had been so under the microscope, not just with the cast, but in the public eye – it’s been very challenging to navigate through that when I’m just trying to figure out my life myself.’