Jordi Vilasuso’S Wife Kaitlin Celebrates Daughter’S Milestone With A Health Update


The Young and the Restless and Days of our Lives alum Jordi Vilasuso and his wife Kaitlin welcomed their third daughter, Lucy Noelle, who arrived a month early, late last year. Recently, the parents of three asked their family, friends, and fans to pray urgently for Lucy as she was in the NICU with RSV, respiratory virus. Now Kaitlin marks a big milestone for the little girl with a health update.

Kaitlin Marks One Month

Kaitlin took to Instagram to share some photos and videos of Lucy, marking her first month. Alongside them, she shared a big update on the baby.

“Happy one month (and happy due date!!!) to this little peanut !!!! 🎉🥳 Lucy had a GOOD day yesterday. And my goodness did we need a good day. 🙏🏻

“Her doctors had turned down her CPAP (the pressure that she’s getting oxygen) from 6 to 5 on Sunday to try to start weaning and she really struggled,” explained Vilasuso. “She was having desats throughout the day and coughing a lot and her respiratory rate kept spiking.. she was pulling her feeding tube out and they kept having to put it back in and it was just a really rough one.

“Then yesterday, for whatever reason, they decided to give her a chance to get off of the machine and see how she would do with the regular cannula, and my goodness did she surprise us 🙌🏻😭 Her stats were better all day than they had been the day before and she was doing so well that they let her try bottle feeding,” she continued. “I attached the video of her tasting milk for the first time since she went to ICU and girlfriend loves eating as much as her mama. She tolerated the bottle feeds the rest of the day and they were able to remove the feeding tube last night.👏🏻


“Providing things keep improving (🙏🏻), we’re going to try breast-feeding today and see how her stats look,” Vilasuso wrote. “She’s on an oxygen of two right now, so they’ll try to start lowering that as the day goes on and see how she does. I’m trying to manage my expectations because I get sooo excited whenever something positive happens and then it feels like I’ve been hit by a ton of bricks whenever there is a setback, BUT for the first time since we got here- it feels like there’s a light at the end of the tunnel 🙏🏻

“Thank you, thank you thank you for lifting her up!!!! We humbly ask that you continue to pray for her healing and continued wisdom for her incredible team of doctors and nurses,” asked the mother of three. “And perhaps throw in a prayer for her tired and emo parents if you have an extra to spare.. 🙏🏻🙏🏻🙏🏻🙏🏻 We ❤️ you!”

Vilasuso’s former co-stars Sean Dominic (Nate, Y&R), Doug Davidson (ex-Paul, Y&R), Elizabeth Hendrickson (Chloe, Y&R), Tracey Bregman (Lauren, Y&R), Eric Martsolf (Brady, DAYS), and Brandon Barash (Stefan, DAYS) all chimed in with their support for the family of five.

Soap Hub sends its best wishes to the Vilasuso family on Lucy’s continued improvement as she heals from RSV.