How Kody Brown’S Constant Gaslighting Has Backfired


For the last 10 years, viewers have gotten used to watching Sister Wives star Kody Brown gaslighting his four wives. The patriarch has become rather good at the manipulative trait and, for a while, had his every wish catered to by the four women. However, as the spouses grew older and bolder, they started to figure out precisely what Kody was up to. The most recent episode showed Kody trying his darndest to influence Janelle Brown, but she finally stood her ground.

Since becoming a monogamous husband to one, Kody has been trying his best to figure out what went wrong within his relationships. Instead of looking within, the TLC star has made it his mission to place the blame on others. For seasons, Kody has honed his skill at psychological manipulation. Kody has come across as an abuser as he attempted to place self-doubt and confusion in his wives’ minds. It is clear that Kody is seeking to gain control over Meri Brown, Janelle, and Christine Brown by distorting their reality and forcing them to question their own judgment.

Kody and Janelle Throw Digs at One Another

As the holidays approached, the tensions within the Brown family skyrocketed, with the golden lock jester only proving he was never able to balance a polygamous lifestyle. As fans watched their relationship splinter, both Janelle and Kody tossed around the word “gaslight,” with only one of them actually knowing the true definition. We will give you a second to guess who that person is.

The conversation took a left turn when Janelle revealed she would be spending Christmas with her children in a rental home instead of with Kody. The father of 18 has been on the outs with his older sons and refuses to talk with them unless they wave the white flag of defeat. The episode showed Kody backtracking, claiming he just wanted to chat with his sons, but Janelle knew better.

The patriarch slammed Janelle for being a bad messenger, claiming he later changed his holiday stipulation, yelling, “I corrected that completely. You’re not representing very well for me. Stop representing for me.” Janelle kept repeating that he wasn’t going to flip the feud back onto her, with Kody yelling, “It belongs on you. You didn’t support or stand when it came to COVID stuff.”


Kody Loves To Place the Blame

This is not the first time Kody has tried to gaslight Janelle, as a look back during Season 17 showed him erupting with anger over her decision to buy a luxury RV. Kody tried to make Janelle feel bad, noting he had “someone in his life who is fundamentally loyal to me.”

The statement and body language came across as a one-two punch of gaslighting beyond what fans have ever seen in the series. It was disgraceful how Kody abandoned Janelle, took her hard-earned money, and then tried to claim they weren’t a couple.

Kody’s Delusions Ruined His Family

Kody has no one to blame for the failings of his marriage but himself. Even though he enjoys trying to convince viewers that his wives live in a gaslighting fallacy, it is the father who has his head in the sand. For almost two years, Kody has been fighting for his large plural family to follow his strict COVID-19 rules.

However, Season 17 showed Kody actively choosing to travel to a friend’s wedding. The hypocritical move didn’t sit well with his first two wives, especially when Kody tried to pretend his rules weren’t the reason his family wasn’t talking.

Kody’s behavior and love of gaslighting have been called out multiple times. His issues are very much his own, and while Kody may want to be the head of the household, all that comes across is how selfish and neglectful he is. Kody will stop at nothing to make sure he holds the power, even if it means trying to silence his former wives one by one.

Bottom line, if you are looking for a new poster for your dorm room to use a dart board, Kody is the poster child for narcissism, lies, gaslighting, and self-victimization, so that he could make a great addition to anyone’s wall of losers.