Grey’S Anatomy Proved The Power Of Slow Burn With This Couple


Even if we had our doubts in the beginning, we’re all rooting for these two now.

If there’s one thing you can’t judge Grey’s Anatomy on, it’s the number of love stories the show has covered over the years.

From some of the healthiest relationships to devastatingly tragic stories with no happy endings for either character, they all turned out completely different and never felt repetitive.

Now, as season 19 comes to a close, there is one more couple that fans are eager to see.

Because Jo and Link’s friendship was so well written and played by their respective actors, Camilla Luddington and Chris Carmack, many fans were hesitant to see them become a couple.
Truth be told, just like most other TV shows, Grey’s Anatomy really lacks heartfelt friendships between men and women, so viewers were worried about the characters becoming just another couple.

However, the showrunners didn’t rush their relationship development, creating a beautiful slow burn that was much needed and appreciated by the audience.

“Other couples have rushed into relationships or just jumped into things. Two examples being Link and Amelia, as well as Maggie. Link and Amelia broke up due to different reasons, [the] main being that they wanted different things out of life, but got a beautiful son out of it.


Maggie and Winston barely knew each other before they got married, and now they’re on verge of divorce and don’t understand each other,” Redditor Oncer93 explained how they felt about the rushed relationship development in other couples.

The majority of fans seem to agree, praising the showrunners for allowing both characters to breathe and figure out their feelings at a much slower pace.

Good thing the show was renewed for season 19, because without it, Jo and Link would either be rushed like everyone else or left hanging without a clear ending to their story.

While fans hope that the show will be renewed again, there is a great possibility that Jo and Link’s romance will unfold in a current episode.

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