Fans Slam Lisa Rinna Over Her Comment About Ariana Madix Landing Role In Chicago, As Viewers Tell Rhobh Alum To “Sit Down”


Fans are slamming Lisa Rinna over her seemingly shady comment about Ariana Madix, who just landed a role in Chicago the Musical on Broadway.

In 2007 Lisa played the same role – Roxie Hart, the show’s homicidal lead – long before her greatest performance as the leading pot-stirrer on The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills.

Now, 16 years later, Ariana will fill her shoes – stepping into the role also played by Erika Jayne, Lisa’s former co-star.

“I did it Before Bravo,” said Lisa, commenting on a @papiofpop post about Ariana’s big break. “And before [Housewives] — 2007 baby.”

Fans then reacted to Lisa’s comment, shared by @commentsbybravo on Instagram.

“Does she want a cookie?” wrote @byewighellodrama, while another viewer added, “Rinna, no one cares.”


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“Rinna missing the point entirely,” said @gibsonoma, before someone continued the sentiment, “It’s what she does best.”


“Just like when Erika got that part and Rinna brought it up about 10,000 times per episode,” said a different user. “We know… got it.”

Another fan claimed Lisa “always has to make it about herself,” while a separate viewer told her to “sit down.”

One user defended the actor, who has starred in multiple soap operas and series throughout the years.

“We can say what we want about Rinna,” said the fan, “but at least give her that credit. She truly did it without Bravo and can prob do it again without them.”

A different viewer took a swing at Ariana, claiming her presence is getting old.

“I don’t care,” they wrote. “Ariana has beaten that dead horse to the ground and I am tired of seeing her face now.”