Faith Stowers Accuses Lala Kent Of Cheating On Ex Randall With A Football Player, And Slams Her Past Controversial Comments


Faith Stowers accused Lala Kent of cheating on ex Randall Emmett with a football player, and she shared a bizarre story when Randall was allegedly looking for Lala when she was with the athlete. The Vanderpump Rules alum also called out Lala for her offensive comment about Tupac taking over her body.

In 2021, Lala split with her fiancé Randall, the father of her child, and claimed he cheated on her. But according to Faith, Lala did the same thing.

“We went on a double date [with Lala and another man] when she was … with Randall,” said Faith on her Frequency podcast, via @breakintherulespod on Instagram.

She was asked if Lala ‘cheated.’

“Yes! With the football player,” she answered. “He was black. I was dating his homie and we were all having a double date.”

According to Faith, they all went back to Lala’s place, and Lala and the athlete then “went to the bedroom. They got it popping in the bedroom.”


Then Faith allegedly heard a “knock” on the front door, and Lala said, “Don’t go to the door!”

Faith said she “heard” it was Randall, who seemingly was looking for Lala – and this happened sometime before Lala allegedly pulled a knife on Faith. In a past lawsuit against Bravo, Faith claimed Lala pulled the knife out during an argument, and threatened to cut her.

“The reason why the knife was pulled me was because of that [other] guy,” said Faith. “That wasn’t the first time she was hanging out with this African or black football player. She’s like, they used to be in love. She talked about … him in [her] book.”

She also slammed Lala for suggesting in the past that she was “channeling the spirit of Tupac,” as a “white woman that knows nothing about hip hop, nothing about the black culture at all [and who] wears hoop earrings and does all this.”

“When Black Lives Matter happened, she said they need to stop killing our baby daddies,” said Faith, via on Instagram. “Who are you?”

According to Faith’s co-host, Lala once said she was “blacker” than Faith.