End Of Days: Just When We Thought Paulina Couldn’T Get Any Worse…


No one has ever accused Paulina of thinking about anyone but herself — though very often under the guise of thinking about others — on Days of Our Lives. But, this week, she hit a new high. By which we mean a new low.

Mother of the Year

Paulina (Jackée Harry) gave away her newborn daughter, Lani (Sal Stowers), to protect her from Paulina’s abusive ex-husband. That was noble of her. Less noble was her blabbing the truth to Lani, which risked ruining Lani’s relationship with Abe (James Reynolds), the man she believed to be her father.

Other less than noble Paulina moves include buying off the legal system to keep her precious younger daughter, Chanel (Raven Bowens), from taking responsibility for the crimes she committed. Also, brow-beating employee Stephanie (Abigail Klein) for not taking care of Paulina’s blackmailer — a task way, way outside of her Public Relations job description.

New Year, Old You

We thought Paulina had hit rock bottom when she also started firing members of the Salem mayoral administration not because they were bad at their jobs, but because Paulina didn’t like them. No, really, she even admitted it and everything.

Paulina used her privileged position to force public employees to risk their lives and ignore other needy citizens to look for a snowbound Chanel, who had been missing for minutes! Maybe a whole hour! Clearly, this was THE most important project for both the police and the emergency squad.


Glow in the Dark

But merely redirecting public resources for private reasons wasn’t enough for Paulina, oh, no. She broke out of the hospital to lead the search herself! At first, we thought she was just risking her life. But then Marlena (Deidre Hall) couldn’t stop worrying about Paulina being out in the world — while she was still radioactive. Which means she could have infected others. But, who cares? Were you not paying attention? PRECIOUS CHANEL MIGHT BE A WEE BIT CHILLY! We can’t risk her coming down with the sniffles! Or maybe even a full-blown cold!

Truth of Consequences

Sure, Paulina told Julie (Susan Seaforth Hayes) to keep her distance. But radioactivity isn’t too good at honoring boundaries. And Paulina couldn’t stop hugging her newly found Chanel. What happened to keeping her distance?

Chanel and Johnny (Carson Boatman) have been having non-stop sex on their honeymoon. What if Chanel is pregnant? Will poisoning her grandbaby finally drive home the reckless disregard of what she’s just done? How about making Julie ill? An illness she brings home to Doug (Bill Hayes)? What if this is what ends up killing him? Will Paulina possibly learn any kind of lesson then?