Days Of Our Lives Spoilers For Next Week: Is Nicole’S Career Shift Towards Journalism The Key To New Collaborations?


In the upcoming week on Days of Our Lives from April 22 to April 26, viewers can expect a focus on pivotal career decisions, stolen moments, and the aftermath of risky behavior.

Nicole begins to regain her sense of self after recent events involving Tate and her husband, sharing a heartfelt moment with Brady that reinforces their friendship while keeping things platonic with EJ.

Days of Our Lives spoilers and highlights for next week

Nicole’s desire to return to journalism leads her to discuss a potential reporter position at The Spectator with Chad, hinting at a possible professional collaboration with Eric. Meanwhile, Eric’s suspicions are piqued when he overhears a dubious phone call at The Spectator, prompting him to delve deeper into financial issues, possibly with Nicole’s assistance.

Elsewhere, Tate and Holly share a clandestine moment despite parental disapproval, while Harris aids Ava in a covert search at The Bistro, under Clyde’s directives.

Paulina faces criticism for her reckless behavior, while Johnny brings unexpected joy to Chanel. Meanwhile, Jada is taken aback by Stephanie’s revelation about Everett! Bobby’s sudden change of heart regarding divorce papers, raises doubts about his true intentions.

Previously on Days of Our Lives:


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In yesterday’s Days of Our Lives, At the Pub, Chad and Thomas engage in a trading card game, with the Pawn card nearby. Stephanie interrupts, helping Chad when Thomas accuses him of playing wrongly. Later, Chad confides in Stephanie about his efforts to distance himself from DiMera’s business for his children’s sake. Meanwhile, John and Marlena babysit Jude at Eric and Nicole’s, relieved that Chanel has been found and Paulina’s isolation may have spared them from radiation exposure.


At the station, Jada informs Rafe that the lead on Clyde in Montana was a mistake. Everett arrives seeking updates on the manhunt but faces Rafe’s refusal until he signs divorce papers. Konstantin surprises Maggie with a family heirloom, prompting emotional conversations about his past and their relationship. As Thomas brings cookies, Everett overhears Stephanie accepting an invitation to visit Thomas and his father at the Kiriakis mansion. Later, Chad questions Everett about his station visit.

Stephanie and Everett discuss his therapy progress, but he’s hesitant about continuing hypnosis. Marlena silently observes them leaving together. At the station, Jada expresses gratitude to Rafe, prompting a heartfelt exchange about their relationship. After Maggie leaves, Konstantin searches for a missing item in the Kiriakis living room, confronting Thomas, who eventually returns the item.

Alone, Konstantin plots to reclaim what’s his. At the Pub, Marlena reassures Eric while John soothes Jude. Jada encourages Rafe to ask her to move in again, and they share a tender moment. In Everett’s room, he signs divorce papers, determined to start anew. Stephanie is moved by his gesture, while Everett simmers with hidden intensity.