Cringiest Blue Bloods Moment Even The Most Loyal Fans Can’T Stomach


Blue Bloods is one of those shows that maintains high ratings and viewership for many seasons. However, this show is far from ideal, and some moments have been so cringe that they have gone down in history.

Never in their wildest dreams could Blue Bloods fans have imagined a series collaboration with… RuPaul’s Drag Race.

But that is exactly what happened in the fourth season. Just when it seemed we had seen it all, the show’s creators managed to surprise the viewers, but did we really need it?

In the fourth season episode Manhattan Queens, Danny Reagan investigates the murder of drag queen Tiffany Lamp, whose body was found in a golf bag.

Shortly before the murder, the victim had performed in a drag show, and now the main characters must learn the world of drag queens from the inside.Only Tallulah Bangkok can help catch the criminal. She is now protected by Danny and his partner Maria, and Danny is going to wear the most cringeworthy disguise costume of all times (it even included a cane).

The episode was not well received by fans, and initially received one of the lowest IMDb ratings among all of the episodes – 6.9.

And while the rating has recently risen to 7.4, it is still the lowest rated episode of the entire season. The plot and the fact that there were multiple storylines in the series were not appreciated by fans.


“The episode in itself was boring as all get out and I’m not sure why the show decided to have three different subplots going on at once (plus some fourth Famawee bonding subsubplot),” Reddit user wendigogogo commented.

What almost everyone agrees on is that Jinkx Monsoon, who played Tallulah, a real-life drag queen and winner of season five of RuPaul’s Drag Race, looked absolutely beautiful on the screen and was the only reason many did not turn off the episode in the middle.

“This was the first time I’ve watched Blue Bloods. While I wasn’t too impressed with the style of the show (too many plot points and no real dramatic point), I did really enjoy Jinkx’s performance. I loved when she was in the police station, being the femme fatale,” Reddit user SingTheDoomSong said.

While Jinkx’s appearance on the show and her acting was a delight in itself, it was overshadowed by the fact that the drag queens were portrayed as if the show’s creators had absolutely no idea how to represent the community on screen.