Blue Bloods Iconic Duo Who Became True Friends In Real Lives


It’s only natural to get close to those you’ve worked with for so long.

Blue Bloods is a long-running police procedural that had fans hooked on the multiple plot
twists that happened during 275 episodes of 13 seasons. The cast of the show was big enough, but only five characters have appeared in every entry.

All of them of course are the most significant members of Reagan family Police Commissioner Frank, brilliantly played by Tom Selleck, his father Henry, and his children Erin, Jamie, and Danny.

The show is now confirmed to have an upcoming season 14, and frankly, the fans along with the cast just couldn’t be happier.

As Donnie Wahlberg, who is playing Danny, confirmed to TV Insider, for him it’s a real blessing to be a part of not only successful, but also such a meaningful show that fans all over the world gather to watch at the same time on Fridays.

The actor also said that the only thing that could make him leave the show is just its ending.


In fact, the show actually gave him so much more than he expected. With all the fame, money and usual stuff came along a true friendship.

It appears that over the years of filming, Wahlberg became very close to Selleck. They developed a truly significant bond. Wahlberg admits that playing the son of such a fundamental figure as Tom’s character is quite overwhelming.

Wahlberg even drew a comparison between their interactions as actors and the dynamic between their characters, noting that Tom’s support and blessing early on showed how much he trusted him, just as Frank trusts Danny with his job in the show.

He says that during the years they became very close off-screen.

Well, with the news about other shows being delayed, let’s just hope that Blue Bloods S14 will come on time.